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My 1st year Anniversary


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Yesterday it was a year since my SAH. I couldn't post yesterday as I spent the day at North Staffs hospital having scans, not the best way to spend my special day, just an unfortunate coincidence. I should know in a couple of weeks how my unruptured anni is doing.


One year on is a good time for reflection. On the good days I can be positive and look forward I don't have so many 'why me' and 'if only' days . It's been a difficult year. In many many ways I've never felt so many different emotions!

I have an amazing partner, he is so supportive and patient (yes, he needs to be very patient) this has been particularly painful and difficult for John as his Mum suffered a brain haemorrhage when John was only 8years old sadly his Mum died.


I think that having reached the one year mark I can start making plans and decisions about the rest of my life I need to grab this 2nd chance that I've been given with both hands (well perhaps not with my left hand, it's still quite weak!!!)

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Hi Jan,


Hope all goes well and you get favourable results back.


Keep Well and try not to worry, I did worry while waiting for them but it is Wins law lol xx


Glad you are going to start Living and l'll add laughing and singing even if I am out of tune.


Be well Jan and speak again soon.  If we do not get trapped in the Chat Room again xx ha


Win xx xx Oh happy Anni day for yesterday xx

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Happy Anni-versary for yesterday Jan,


Sorry you had to spend it having scans done, you have come along way on your recovery journey also,


Here`s to the next 12 months, may you go from strength to strength, it can be a bumpy road but the bumps

are there to remind us just what we have been through.  The road does get smoother as time goes on as you

will find out.


Stay strong my friend, we are survivors, be proud of what you have achieved in this first 12 months.


Love & Best wishes :)


Michelle xx  

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Happy anniversary!  And I don't say that glibly.  You really do have something to be happy about as you're still here, in spite of the difficulties.  Hope all goes well with your results and that you get the opportunity to celebrate.



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Hi Jan :)


Happy 1st Anni-versary :)

Sorry you had to spend yesterday in hospital having scans.

Hope that today a better one for you and you can celebrate how well you are doing with your amazing partner John :)


Enjoy making plans for the future.

Wishing you well. 


Take care

Love Tina xx

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Well done Jan!


When you fall off your bike, you get back on again.  So go and enjoy life and be respectful of the chance you've been given!  Great that you have reached this milestone, keep pedalling and reach many more!



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Happy anniversary for yesterday Jan - a shame it involved scans - I hope your hospital is quicker at getting results out than mine is - I've had a 6 week and a 9 week wait before now. I'll keep my fingers crossed that your results are good,


I'm sorry to hear your partner lost his Mum at such a young age - it makes me realise how lucky I am to have survived as my son was only 8 when I had mine. 


It's great that you feel that you can now move on and make some plans - I wish you and John all the best in whatever those plans may be.


Take care,


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Jan! A year has passed and you are still strong and moving forward! I know it hasn't been a nice walk in the park, but you did it! I'm so excited for you. Wish I could hug you.

John sounds like a wonderful partner and it's a shame about his mother. But...he understands and take great care of you.

I think it' a rare person that doesn't think "why me????!". Despite that you are here.

Good luck with testing...and you are right! Go forward.

Take good care. Follow Win's advice and have a happy anniversary.

Love and best thoughts to you.


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Hello Jan..... well done on sharing one year on.  Early days post SAH and be patient as you continue to recover.


Hope your results are released soon.


Great to hear that John is giving you so much support..... It makes such a difference when you can face the challenges together.


Keep in touch with your progress




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Happy Anni- versary to you Jan. it's a day that will remain engraved on your memory, to be sure.

For the first few years, I took that day off from work, just to reflect. I'm convinced that there is a purpose for the survival, just not entirely sure what it is, LOL.

I hope you get positive news on your scans.

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