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My 1st anni-versary

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Hi all at BTG,


Well it`s arrived my 1st anni-versay, I`ve been awake since 4.45, lots going on in my head stopped me 

going back to sleep, so here I am.


It`s so hard to believe that a year has passed since my brain decided to explode, what a year it has been.

I still remember it as if it happened yesterday, those memories still scare me.

I was standing outside on the decking of our caravan at 5.45 this morning with my coffee just looking

at the scenery and the tears were running down my face, why? because I just feel so glad to be alive.


When I think back to when it happened, if they had discharged me with a migraine, I wouldn't be here.

My partner Verdun has been my ROCK, I would not have been able to cope if it was not for him,

I LOVE HIM DEARLY, he has been at my side through all of this and I will be forever glad that he was.


When I think how far I have come since leaving hospital I am amazed, I`ve gone from being in a wheelchair,

then on to a pair of crutches and now I only need them when I am having a dizzy day, I still have problems 

with my short term memory, that really frustrates me, I still sometimes get stuck for words and that also

frustrates me but the way I look at it is this there are a lot more people who have a lot more problems

than I have been left with after suffering a SAH, I believe I have been very lucky.


The hospital I was in R.V.I. Newcastle were fantastic, I believe the care I received was brilliant,

I have to thank the lord that we have such a brilliant hospital in our area.


Now comes my BIGGEST THANK YOU, Karen I would like to say a huge thank you to you and all of

the team at BTG, I would  also like to thank all of the MEMBERS who have made me feel so welcome

since I joined this wonderful site in March, it is like having an extended family,(without the arguments)

I am so grateful for all the help and advice that I have had since joining, the other thing that has helped

is knowing that if I am having a bad day I can come to BTG and talk to people who understand, for that

I will be forever grateful, so thanks Karen for giving me and thousands of others a place to feel safe. 


My plans for today are to go shopping first thing, make a CHOCOLATE cake when I come back then 

chill for the rest of the day,


Finally to anyone looking at this site and wondering if they should join in, my advice would be this

GO AHEAD it could be the best thing you ever do, it was for me.



I wish you all well.


Lots of love

Michelle xx



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Happy Anni~versary  Michelle xx


May you go from strength to strength and have a Great Day, today is all about you making it.  Well Done You.


You are great and a cake maker !!  Hmmm interesting, I'll sample some first ha ha.


Passes Michelle a tissue, now is a time to be happy xx


So Well Done You and have a Really Great Day and Ditto to what you said about Karen and her Team.

Now have a good week xxxx


Love to You and Verdun xx  Want me to sing a song ,  okay I wont  lol   Silence speaks volumes xxx seriously have a great day xx and many more XX xx XX

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Happy 1st Anni-versary Michelle :)

Hope you have a lovely day celebrating life with Verdun....enjoy shopping, chocolate cake making and chilling :) Take care lovely lady.

Lots of love Tina xx

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Thank you all so much for your lovely words, they are very much appreciated,


Win, sorry I decided not to make my cake I have been lazy and bought one instead.


Hope you all have a really good day as I intend to.


Love to you all,

Michelle :biggrin: xx

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Hi Michelle-


So glad you did make it through the SAH-  what a wonderful 365 day experience you have to tell-


The gradual climb to better health and the joys of overcoming blips along the way-best wishes as you continue to recover and get stronger-


So pleased for you and Verdun- and yes-  three cheers for BTG and all its members- who have built up such a wealth of experiences within the site-


Winnie admitting that `silence speaks volumes`   QUICK-  somebody rescue the  `Ed Stone` and superimpose this on it before Winnie changes her mind ! 

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I would have spoke volumes if you had taken me on that Trek Subs !!  lol


Sensible Michelle, you know it makes sense I made a lovely Victoria sponge from the local Garden Centre. ha.


I used to make cakes and say "eat them before they went all hard"  my daughter loved them lol.

She'd come home from school I had one cake tin and I'd cut the said sponge in half and put jam in it and She would say to her mate "Try some of my Mums cake it's all nice and warm.  


Well reminiscing about sponges has made me laugh. 


Happy Your Day again !! xxx xxx  Cake anyone ???

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happy anni versary Michelle


               just a year but what a year you have done fantastically well and its our privilege to have gotten to know both you and Verdun

so their is no excuse not to have chocolate and more chocolate enjoy the day sweetheart  

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Happy 1st Anni-versary Michelle,


You have done so well in a year you should be proud. Ditto your comments about BTG team and members, so glad to have them around. Hope you have had a lovely day and enjoyed your cake. 


Clare xx

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 Formula for True Love =  MC  +  V


It`s not until you almost lose it

When your life is filled with fear

That you realise how precious

Are the things that you hold dear


Twelve months ago an SAH

Caused so much pain and strife

As Michelle battled all the odds

To hold on to her life


She did not face it on her own

Though her future was not plain to see

But one thing was in no doubt

Verdun her rock would be.


She faced so many obstacles

A wheel-chair, poor memory and more

But fighting spirit she had in loads,

And that was plain for sure !


You can imagine how she felt

When she fell and broke her wrist

And to fix it properly

A metal plate they did insist.


As time went by her strength came back

Plenty rest and drink her plan

And nothing could compete

With time spent in her caravan.


These past 12 months it`s good

Her progress has been cool

Though she does admit from time to time

Her head`s like cotton wool !


This poem would not be complete

Something`s missing can`t you see

We really have to make a mention

About MC`s  40 foot tree !


On the night of nasty weather

And winds that blew so hard

The muckle tree came tumbling down

And hit the ground so hard


It was really like a scene

Straight out of KEYSTONE COPS

First the Council, Police and Fire-Brigade

Then Tree Surgeons to carry out  Emergency ops. !


There`s someone we`ve not mentioned

To leave out-that would be folly

Three cheers to MC`s favourite pooch

Her loyal dog called Molly-


Keep strong Michelle and Verdun - you are a great couple !

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Excellent that you have made it and appreciate everything so positively, I too have only praise for the RVI in Newcastle who also treated me. Some fab posts and poetry and may life get better for all x

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Happy anniversary Michelle - congratulations on reaching this milestone.


Glad you found another way to get your chocolate!  You'll find many ways to do other things as well as time goes on - it's just different, not better or worse.  Just as satisfying too, having found solutions to get the same result -  well done!!


You've captured your progress brilliantly and your post will be a motivator for others who can see that advancement happens over time not overnight!


Good luck to you and may your progress continue apace!



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Hi all,


Thank you all so much, what wonderful people you all are, I cannot put into words how your posts

have made me feel, they have really touched my heart :)


Subs thank you so much for the lovely poem, you brought tears to my eyes, you are a wonderful

person a very kind and considerate person. Bless you. 


Lots of love to you all,

Michelle Verdun and molly xx

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