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10 year Anniversary... and 14 years on since sentinel bleed.


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I've been in two minds as to whether I would write something or not. I had my SAH Anniversary on July 25th.


Firstly, I would like to thank the fabulous team that I have on BTG, who help to support me and the site and who also write with great wisdom and support all of you guys on the forum and all have had a SAH and going through the journey with you.


So, here we go!... much thanks to the very lovely team that I work with and who give up their free time and energy to support BTG.... Sami, Tina, Jess, Super Mario, Daff and Macca ... all incredible people and it's a complete pleasure working with them and who give me the respite that I need too!.... I've personally met a few of them and I can tell you, that they are an inspiration and continue to be so and that helps drive me forward with the site ...  :) xx


Without the help that I have, I couldn't run this site alone now. I would also like to thank (if they're looking in) the Moderators who helped me in the early years and to Keith (Bogbrush) who helped me with the Admin and who also helped to develop the site and kept me sane...as I probably wasn't very sane post SAH!  ;)


Love and thanks go to Chris, my son .... and without him, this site would not have been born ... and to who, I still go to, when things go wrong with BTG and I don't know what to do!... Bless him, as he sorts it out for me ... I couldn't be any prouder of either of my children, as both Chris and Lauren have supported me with this site and still help me on a personal basis when needed. Love them both. x


Well, where to start? 


I can't say that it hasn't been a tough ride for me....because it has.  I still have some bad days, my aneurysm isn't totally fixed and I'm monitored... I still have problems with fatigue, but life is pretty good and it's what you make it.


I never managed to return to paid work in the same capacity that I did pre-SAH, but managed to do temporary work. I also think that I made a choice not to return to that lifestyle or try to juggle so many balls.


However, if anybody gives you that 3-6 month rule, as in being totally okay, going back to work or that's all the recovery that you will have .... well, all I can say is, it's totally rubbish, but I respect that they have to give you some sort of timeline. 


I'm still experiencing recovery 10+ years on .... I'm also getting older, which you have to factor into the equation, experiencing the menopause that comes with being in my 50's and which also mimics the SAH aftermath with it's symptoms .... so it's a double whammy at the minute. However, I'm doing much more than I did this time last year.


If it puts anybody's mind at rest, we haven't lost a single person on this site who's been operated on for an aneurysm or suffered a non-aneurysm bleed (NASAH) .... well, not that I know of in the last 9 years!....so, please don't waste time worrying and I hope that you take comfort from this fact and go and live life. It took quite some years to restore my own confidence, but time is a great healer and I'm okay now.


Over the 9 years of BTG being in existence, I'm still reading the same problems and I find it so frustrating. It's often a postcode lottery as to what help you will receive in the UK. 


Don't suffer anxiety or if you're feeling low and a bit depressed, please go and see your Doctor. You don't have to endure it, seek help. If you don't ask, you don't get and the earlier that it's treated, the earlier you will recover. Not everything is down to the SAH fallout, so please always seek medical advice and don't suffer.


A big thank you to all of you, who support others on this site with your own experience and I know that it's not easy, but much comfort is received ... and it's great to see so many Carer's on the site, offering support too!


I really wish that something like BTG had been in existence when I was in my early months and first year of recovery. I think that the support and knowledge would have perhaps helped me to heal a little faster.


Keep well and love to all. xx

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Karen, you are such an inspiration and one hell of a woman :)

BTG and all that you have personally put into it selflessly, even sometimes to the detriment of your own health, has and does help so many, me included.

Huge, huge respect and lots of love to you.

It is an honour to be part of your team. Thank you lovely lady :) xxxxxx

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A big thankyou to you and your team.


BTG is an incredible helpline to SAH survivors and Carers and plays such an important role in post SAH recovery.


Well done for persevering - considering the severe trauma you have all been through.


And ten years on- for you- keep well and strong yourself for the `next 10`.



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Karen you are one strong Lady,


Glad you done this  site as yesterday when my cousins come down,  I was telling them about how BTG had helped me out, even told them "they let me sing"  lol


Seriously as I have said on many occasions this site has helped me so much.


Keep Well and as Tina has already put Respect xx ohhhh a song there just kidding xx


Thanks for all you've done  and family !! xx

Love you and Many Thanks


Win  xx xx

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Karen. Thanks for sharing the 10 year update, the knowledge that things continue to improve is such a positive force.

The seed of creating BTG as somewhere to connect to other people going through the same will have changed lives, Improved outcomes but most of all just helped each of us not feel so alone and helpless. Thanks to you and family for having the courage to take it on.

As for me being a helper, well I can't spell at least one word in most posts but it's an absolute privilege to be part of your mod team x

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Congratulations on reaching this mile post.  I'm only half way there (nearly 5 years)!  I don't know about us supporting you, more the other way round - you supporting us.


When you asked me to be a mod, I felt incredibly privileged.  Now, having worked with you and the others I feel even more so.  Knowing I am in a position where I can help others is immensely gratifying - and it's all because of you!


So thank you and long may it continue!!  Hip hip hooray!!



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Karen, Congratulations 10 years,


You are as Tina said one hell of a woman and a huge inspiration,


Thank you so much for bringing BTG into our lives, I applaud you

and your team for the hard work that you and them put into this



You have created somewhere for people who are feeling quite

vulnerable at times to come and that is priceless.


I know how much I have benefited from this site, it has helped

me so much with my recovery.


Thank You Karen,

Lots of love to you and your family

Michelle xx :)

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Loved your story and very grateful to you. This site has been a godsend to me in the last 6 months, so many people to help out and 'get' what I mean. I'm 6 months tomorrow and can't believe what has happened in that time so God only knows (another song there Win - my wedding song!) what 10 years must feel like.

I've made and met friends through this site which would have been impossible if you hadn't developed it. So thanks from the bottom of my heart, keep up the fantastic work.


Clare xx

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Karen, it's an honour to know you, a privilege to be your friend and I'm so glad I found this site 9 years ago.


To be a part of this community and know that I can give back the valuable support and experience and help others get through those very tough first few months/years, is all down to you my very dear friend xxx

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Much thanks for your lovely replies... :) and.... I'll see you all....this time ..next year!  :D


Keep well ... life may be a little bit different to what we expected or planned ... but there's a lot to be celebrated, you just have to look for it and seek help when you need it. 


Lots of love xx

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A great big thank you to you Karen.

I don't post very much - I'd much rather just read - never had much confidence in other people wanting to read what I write - but,

I get an enormous amount of comfort and relief from reading everything here - and also some chuckles from the Green Room.


You are an inspiration to me and many, many others.

Thank you again


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