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Happy Christmas and New Year 2011 .... Thank you!

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I would just personally like to wish all of our visitors and members, a very "Happy Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year for 2011!" :-D

Thank you to all, who contribute to the support of others on this site and respond to those that are in need ... You really do make a big difference to someone's day and also give them hope for the future by sharing your own experience! :-D

Thank you to every BTG Member who joins us and also those who participate in the Green Room, for your humour and day to day contact, it does make a huge difference when you're feeling isolated and when you feel the need to let off steam/have a giggle or just share your day and have some contact with those that understand how you're feeling, outside of the Medical Forums - The Green Room Forum is open to all members to view or take part, if they wish to do so.

With grateful thanks also, to everyone that has contributed financially with their donation or helped to keep this site up and running for another year, including our Moderators: Tina, Sami, Janet, Jess, Laura and Admin Team; Keith and Chris .... it really is very much appreciated and without you all, we wouldn't be running this site, as you see it today! :-D

Well done everyone and thank you for helping others..... Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy New Year.... it's been a pleasure as always, to know you!

Love Karen xxxx

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Also a very Special Merry Christmas to Karen & her family, and Chris and Keith for their continued hard work keeping this little extended family going :)

Take care all

Kel x

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I would like to thank everyone who takes part in BTG. All the Administrators who give their time to ensure we have this wonderful communal service. It is a credit that we can communicate with friends worldwide to share our feelings and experiences. It has helped me enormously with my recovery.

I hope everyone has a great Christmas and a fantastic 2011.


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It is about this time last year that I discovered this site which made my second year of recovery so much 'less lonely' than the first. So a big thank you to all those who make the site run smoothly and also to those who participate on the forum - a very Merry Christmas to you all.


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Wishing you all a very happy Christmas and a healthy new year. I'm proud to be a part of this wonderful community :D Thanks to all the members for making this site what it is and thanks to Karen and her family for allowing me to be a part of the team and thanks to the moderators: Sami, Jess, Laura Tina and Janet for helping to make this site run so smoothly.

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A huge THANK YOU to the founders and mods of this wonderful place. It's been SO helpful to me, and I enjoy being given the chance to reassure the people who have gone through this after me :)

I'm still on benefits and money is horrifically tight, but I hope to be doing some typing work soon and as soon as I do, I'll be sending some your way. Is there an info page on how to do so?

Happy Christmas and may 2011 bring you all health and happiness!!

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My first ever post on here .... though I have been dipping into the site for a couple of years and have found it so useful as a source of information and for realising others are going through similar post-op problems.

A belated Merry Christmas to all who contribute to this site and all best wishes for 2011.


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