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Thank you everyone, we are so excited.

After everything that happened last year, it is so nice having this as the new main thing in our lives.

Due date is boxing day, it would just be my luck if it comes a day early though, meaning another Christmas day in hospital.

Here is our 12 week scan, took an hour to do, because baby decided it liked being upside down and would't budge for ages.





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? I am currently feeling quite proud of myself, just completed my first shift back at work, admittedly it was for only 4 hours, but considering its been 17 months since iv'e been there I don't think I did too badly. I'm surprised that I don't feel too knackered either, thought I'd feel like sleeping for a week afterwards.

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Well done Kay!!  It gives you an amazing feeling doesn't it - almost like you're "normal" again.  Don't give up - my body quickly got used to me being back at work and that was only a few weeks later.  After 18 months I got another job and six months after that upped my hours to 8.30am to 6pm!!!!  I now work in a very busy school office from 8am to 4pm.


Whilst you're adapting to going back to work you may feel wary and tired even more than normal in a couple of days; just make sure you rest up when you get home and keep hydrated - but very well done, so very proud of you!!

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