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Just heard from Carolyn,


Our little hippy has come through it but it's her story xx


She has been through it,  but I will let her tell you All on BTG xxxx


Just to let you know she has come through the op okay xx Phew !!


Love to All


WinB143 xxxxxxxxxx



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Hello all my friends on btg.  Thanks for your good wishes.  Most important thing - other than that obnoxious - lol surgery is that Macca made me an honorary brit!  Wow!


I think the surgery itself was great.  My doctor said it went well and I trust him completely.  My veins gave them trouble as they are very hard to find.  I saw a note from anesthesiologist stating that they had to start an iv multiple times.  Anyhoo..After coming out of recovery and anesthesia I found out I had to go back to 7th floor where I started after bleed in June.  I cried all the way up.  Who wants to go back to the place where you almost died?  Not I.

They threw me into a bed and made me lie completely still for 10 hours!  Soon my back hurt and then my shunt hurt from the pressure of the pillow.  So they kept adding more pain meds.  All in all it was semi-ok and I used all of my wiles to make me able to come home.  So, by 11:am I was home!  Yeah!  Far out!  Groovy!  (for my Win).  For Keith - Inagodadavida!  For Keith - I did get a chance to eat my only favorite thing at the hospital - roast beef with gravy.  It was good.


Oh!  One more thing!  The nurse was going to change the dressing on one of my IV's and blood shot out all over the room.  She forgot about the plavix and aspirin...oops!  It was all good though.  So...maybe the pipe will help and, once again, I thank you all for good wishes.  It means a lot to me.  Will talk to you soon.  Keith said I shouldn't overdo it so I think a nice lay on the couch might be swell (Win - from the fifties)


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Carolyn, so glad to hear that everything went ok - you must be so relieved that it's all over and you're back at home.


I remember when I was in intensive care after my clipping operation, in between dozing off I used to daydream about just being back at home curled up on the sofa with my husband and the cats and a nice cup of tea - & probably a bit of chocolate too! Cue for Wyn to burst into song 'Little things mean a lot' - but it's true.


What we've all been through makes us realise what is important in life - keep your lottery wins, we've all won the biggest prize there is - another chance of life.


Well done for being so brave and cheerful - now rest up, keep drinking plenty and enjoy being looked after xxx

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