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Did you have your SAH in the aneurysm season? (fun survey)

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One of the girls on here mentioned earlier that the charge nurse told her: "February and October are 'aneurysm season' and they are very busy with patients who have suffered a SAH. Something to do with air pressure changes. So neuro units do have exceptionally busy times". Unquote!

Please give the date of your SAH - it would be interesting to see if there is a similar pattern with people on here.

As a start, here's mine:

******29th January****** (just a whisker away from "the season"!). :biggrin:





:shock: January - 4

:yikes: February - 4 (LizD noted a further 7 patients admitted in Feb with SAH)

:shock: March -1

:shock: April

:shock: May - 3

:shock: June - 1 (+ 1 aneurysm with no bleed)

:shock: July - 2

:shock: August - 4

:shock: September - 4

:yikes: October - 2

:shock: November - 5

:shock: December - 4

Info taken up to teechur post

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3rd December 2007 mine burst....like Kelly i was told that December was usually the busiest time for SAH ? Sending love and Hi to you all....i think of you often...'You Know Who You Are' ™ :biggrin: love Tina xx

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My aneurysm burst on 10 February and I actually went to work the next day. It refilled and burst again on 14 February. When I was admitted to the Edinburgh Western on 15th, there were another 4 admitted the same day with a SAH and 3 more the next day. One lady from Aberdeen another lady from Dundee and I don't know about the other 2 ladies. Funnily enough it was 3 men admitted on 16th. Edinburgh Western covers the whole of the east side of Scotland.

There are more causes as to why an aneurysm bursts. But what I was told was it's when the autumn starts to change to winter and winter starts to change to spring, then Edinburgh is very busy. In Scotland these changes usually happen in February and the end of October, hence why they are so busy. Because I was quite lucid through out my stay and needed a nurse by my bed, the charge nurse would sit with me (during staff coffee breaks and meal breaks)and talk to me about SAH, it's effects etc. We used to have some very interesting chats!

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